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About Me

Homeopathy system of medicine is using in Nepal since the Rana regime. But due to less numbers of qualified homeopathic physicians, the numbers of pseudo homeopaths practice to make this system as a source of only incoming and defaming the real meaning. This is the reason though few qualified homeopaths tried their best to uplift this system but could not bring the productive results that are why there is no homeopathic council yet. These all scenario and being a son of homeopathic physician Dr.Krishna Bhagat Pradhanang inspired me to study homeopathy so to do different than the past.

I received full affection and support from my parents along with my dear brothers to go for long struggle to study homeopathic subject since I complete my certificate level. I traveled different parts of India for searching homoeopathic medical colleges and finally I was fortune to get an admission at Pratap Chandra Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital with help of Dr.Ambica Gyawali. But my mission to study homoeopathy became meaningful when I got entrance to become student of Dr.D.J.Sutarwala with help of my senior Dr.Amit Gupta. After proper guidance and training of Dr.D.J.Sutarwala along with college education I was able to dip in depth of homeopathy and understand its real meaning along with efficacy. My faith on homeopathy become more deep due to the respectable teacher Dr.Sutarwala and find myself fortune enough and pride to be his student. In 1998 September, I received D.H.M.S four years course certificate from West Bengal Council affiliated by Central Council of Homeopathy. At the time of return to home I found more confidence as a homeopathic physician with concept of Classical that I procure from my respected teacher.
And on same year I started to run private clinic on the birth day of my teacher Dr.D.J.Sutarwala on 29th October and also created free homeopathic dispensary at Thai Kirti Moanstery ,Kirtipur with help of Vikku Sudarshan Mahasthavir.

Along with private practice I started to write articles in different newspaper and magazines and give interview in Televisions and F.M stations about homeopathic system of medicine.

Then my area of work spread after working at School as homeopathic physician and dispensary of Soyambhu monasteries. Recently another dispensary at Dharma center of Boudha, Kathmandu for treating patients.

I am working as a Liasion Officer of Nepal homeopathic Medical College, Biratnagar (earstern side of the country) since 2006.
I am working as anchor of health show named Homeopathy ra Swasthiye in IMAGE FM 97.9 . I am fortunate to establish His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and Healing Center at Swayambhu, Kathmandu-15 with love, care, blessing, kindness and support of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya since 15th December 2005 where we provide facilities like : His Holiness Buddha Maitreya meditation System, Pathology, ECG, Psychological counselling and Homeopathic Treatment following prioritization procedure with help of computer.

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Online CV

Dr. Rajesh Bhagat Pradhanang
P.O. Box 6860
Kuleshwor Awas Chettra
Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile Number : +977-1-9841270501
Telephone: +977-1-4272889, 4280840
Email: rajpradhanang@yahoo.com
Personal Data
Date of Birth: 25th October
Nationality: Nepali
Marital Status: Married

Academic Qualification

° D.H.M.S from Pratap Chandra Memorial Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Calcutta, India in 1998
° Intermediate of Science from Amrit Science College, Kathmandu, Nepal in 1987


° Classical Homeopathy trained under Dr D.S. Sutarwala, Calcutta, India from March 1993 till September 1998.
° Audio/Visual training from Global centre certified as Best Trainee of the Year.
° Special Audio/Visual training from Sambadh
Professional Experience
° Working at Syambhu Monastry Homeopathic Dispensary, Kathmandu as Homeopathic physician from September 1999.
° Working at Maitry Vihar Homoeopathic Dispensary, Kathmandu as Homoeopathic Physician from April 2000.
° Working at D.S.& Children Homoeopathic Dispensary, Kirtipur, and Kathmandu as homoeopathic physician from November 1998.
° Working at Jagat Sunder Bwonekuthi Primary School Homoeopathic Dispensary, Dallu, and Kathmandu as homoeopathic physician from February 1999.
° Worked as anchor in K.A.T.H. FM, 97.9 MHz Health Program –Hamro Swastha for six months
° Worked as Producer and Programmer of weekly health show, TAPAIKO SWASTHA in Channel Nepal from February 2003 for sixteen months.
Work responsibility
° Work as a physician treating the Buddhist monks at Monastery and Vihar through homeopathic medication.
° Educate the monks regarding health and sanitation and make them aware of importance of cleanliness and its application.
° Run social service oriented, self-run dispensary at Kirtipur with the co-operation of Viku Sudarshan Mahasthavir where patients are provided with free medication
° Responsible to give homeopathic medication in primary school dispensary to the financially weak students.
° Give first-aid training to the students of higher classes.
° Disseminate health education to the students
° Host and arranged interview F.M. show with highly qualified, professional physicians and surgeons of various sectors giving information regarding one particular disease in each episode. Consequently, the listeners showed interest and put forward their personal health problems to solve.
° Produced, organized and programmed a popular T.V. health program which interviewed well- known physicians regarding various diseases where words were expressed through exacting visualization.
Consequently, from a survey, an increase in number of patients was noticed after a successful interview with Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra (Liver Unit, Bir Hospital) and Dr. Rita Shrestha- Dermatologist and STD Specialist (Teaching Hospital) according to the respective physicians.
° Working as Homeopathic Physician at Medico Home, Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Nepal.
° Running His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Treatment and Healing Center, Swayambhu, Kathmandu-15
° Presently running "Health Show" in Image FM 97.9 every Saturday at 7:14 AM

Published Articles

° Kathmandu Post
• History of medicine
• Homoeopathic system of medicine
° Saptahik (Nepali weekly)
• Homoeopathic system of medicine brief description
° Sandhya Times (Newari daily)
• Series of articles on details of Homeopathic System of Medicine
° Mahanagar (Nepali daily)
• Article on Precaution from cold, 21st November 2002
• Sinusitis, 19th December 2002
• Answer of health problems on Ulcerative colitis, 6th January 2003
° Nepal Samachar Patra (Nepali weekly)
• Homeopathic system of medicine, Feb 1999
• Principles of Homoeopathy system of medicine, May 1999
• Development of homoeopathic system of medicine in Nepal, 10th October 1999
• Articles in different diseases such as:
o Intestinal Parasite (17th Shrawan 2058 BS)
o Tuberculosis (Bhadra 13,2058 B.S.)
o Rheumatic Fever (17 Ashoj 2058)
o High blood pressure (27Mangsshir 2058)
o Nephritis (4Ppoush 2058)
o Headache (15 Falgun2058) and many more.
° MUNA (Monthly Magazine, by Gorkhapatra Sansthan)
• Reply of questions of different children, Magh 2058 B.S., Ashad 2059 B.S., Poush 2059 B.S., Chaitra2059 B.S., Jestha 2060 B.S., Kartik 2060 B.S., Falgun 2060 B.S.
° Sadhana (Nepali monthly health magazine)
• Homeopathic System of Medicine: An Introduction, Magh 2061 B.S.
• More articles on different subjects still continuing.
° Organized Homoeopathic Medical Camp sponsored by Japanese Organisation, HIKIVA at Nil Barahi Primary School, Thimi, Bhaktapur for ten days each in 2001, 2002, 2003 for 300 students.
° Took Classes to provide awareness regarding homeopathy to different physicians and surgeons at different hospitals and education centres and other like:
° Patan Hospital, Patan
° B.P Koirala Lion’s Eye Centre, Maharajgunj
° Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Bhaktapur
° Bhaktapur Hospital, Bhakptapur
° E.P.S. school, United Academy, different Lions Club, German Embassy.
° Attended Seminar at Blue Star Hotel on HIV- AIDS, 2002
° Participate Liga Congress in Luzern, Switzerland, 2006 ° Participate International Homeopathic Conference in Heidelberg, Germany 2007. ° Present talk program on Nepal & Homeopathy in Nepal in Lubbecke, Germany 2007.

I took over for H.H. Buddha Maitreya who had been providing for health needs for the Monasteries, such as clean running water for showering and washing clothing at the Dharma Center in Boudha Phulbari once or twice a week for all the younger monks and a good healthy meal consisting of 

    °Daal Bhat (Rice and Lentil)
    °Chicken Tarkari
    °Potato Curry (Aalu Tarkari)
    °Vegetable Thukpa

A toilet was provided for the oldest  lama, Lama Tondo,  who was unable to walk and whose room was on the top floor!  Soups and meals were cooked at the dharma center kitchen and  delivered to him,especially when he was ill, a kind of Monastery Meals on Wheels program!  Maitri Vihar monastery kitchen was upgraded from the small smoke filled room with fire, to a ventilated gas stove,  food purchased was sponsored monthly, sanitation suggestions and help such as closed bins for food stopping the rat problem,  hand washing before meals and after bathroom, showers etc. and beginning English school for the young monks.   Buddha Maitreya and Mandarava Tara alternating  with other  Shambhala Maitreya Dharma Sangha members lived in and ran the Dharma Center over a ten year period with focus on helping the Syambhu Monasteries of Karma Raj Maha Vihar and Maitri Vihar:  finding out their needs and then finding a way to help fulfill them which we do to this day. Me, Dr. Rajesh Pradhanang a  homeopath was introduced to Buddha Maitreya and under his supervision and direction for several years, became an excellent doctor instituting the homeopathic clinic at the Monasteries for Buddha, which then spread to support the local Nepalese in 3 villages to date with the addition of many other medical services.At present the medical support to the lamas of Maitri Vihar and Karma Raja Monastery  along with health educations(first Aid trainning) to young monks at monasteries once in week has change the  ideas of healthy living .
Published and Edited “Homoeo News”, The Yearly Magazine, Kathmandu, Nepal


° Certificate of Appreciation from Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Central Office, Bagbazar, Kathmandu for promoting cancer awareness program through Channel Nepal Health Show- Tapaiko Swastha (31stBhadra 2060 B.S.)
° Certificate of Appreciation from Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Jorpati for promoting hospital by interviewing different orthopedic surgeons
Media Focus
° Photo published in Kantipur daily newspaper of examining child patient at Newari School Homoeopathic dispensary
° News on Free Homoeopathic Clinic in Nepal Samachar Patra(31 Bhadra 2058B.S)
° Article regarding achievements of Youth: RAJESH KO RAJ in DRISTI (Nepali weekly)
° Interviewed by different TV Channels and FM Stations regarding Homeopathic System of Medicine
° Different German News papers in Lubbeck Germany, publish news on the activities during visit in Germany, 2007
Language and Computer Skills
Nepali, English and Newari : Fluent
Typing : Average
Computer Literacy : Windows (MS Word, MS Excel)


1. Dr. D.S. Sutarwala
42, Kabir Road, Calcutta-26
West Bengal, India
Email: djs@vsnl.com

2. Mr. Suraj Shrestha
Station Manager
IMAGE FM 97.9Mhz
Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal